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Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC

We help you handle the overwhelming decisions of caring for an aging loved one with a simple plan


About Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC

MGCS Offers Geriatric Consulting and Planning With Purpose

Do You Need Help Caring for a Loved One?

You don’t have to go it alone.  Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC is here to help. I am a Certified Social Worker, Certified Care Manager, Certified Advanced Steps ACP Facilitator and am specially trained to evaluate, plan, and coordinate your loved one’s care.

Are you:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed by caregiving?

  • Needing a Care Manager's support to navigate the healthcare system?

  • Worried about your loved one’s health and well-being?

  • Concerned about managing the right type of care?

  • In need of senior care resources that you can trust?

As a Social Worker and seasoned Inpatient Discharge Planner at a Level II inpatient hospital setting for over 15 years, combined with Certifications in Care Management and Advanced Steps of Advanced Care Planning Facilitation, there are over two years of experience working with residents and families in the nursing home setting. I have a well defined skill set and superior knowledge to creatively assist you in planning the future of your loved one--specifically with  what next steps are right.  I tactically created Midwest Geriatric Consulting Servies, LLC as a consumer navigational system for those in need of help when it comes to planning the future of the aged.  We work hard to preserve the rights of aging adults so they can live their best life through the toughest times.  MGCS, LLC serves the aged with true respect, highest honor, and genuine compassion because here, we believe every client is the most important person in the world!



MGCS,LLC is ready to serve you and offers:

  • A free 30 minute clarity call to determine whether or not a geriatric consultant is right for you and your loved one

  • Review of medical records and consultation with the client’s physicians and health care providers to assure continuity of care based on a functional screen

  • Creation of a comprehensive, geriatric care plan, including medical and non-medical goals, based on recommendations from health care providers, and family members.

  • Assistance in discharge planning from hospitals and skilled nursing facilities

  • Referrals to home health agencies, assisted living facilities, adult day care, long term placement, and respite care

  • Referrals to trusted community resources and immediate access to Council on Aging programs if appropriate

  • Collaboration with in-home providers including home health, physical therapy, and hospice

  • Assistance in relocating clients locally and domestically

  • Family engagement and guidance, including those who live out of town

  • Referrals to trusted local resources

  • Support to implement the geriatric care plan, including updates via text, video meetings, and email to family members 

  • Fostering communications and decision-making processes

  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare Document completion, activation if necessary, Advanced Steps ACP facilitation, and guardianship assistance

  • Complete transitional services from home including moving, transportation, estate sale referrals, and collaboration with the receiving facility

  • Need additional services?  Simply ask!


  • MGCS, LLC is precisely customized based on a personal functional assessment to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact us to find out how I can help today.


Benefits of Choosing MGCS, LLC

MGCS, LLC is a cost effective, easily accessible, and trustworthy resource.  We offer rapid response to your loved one’s immediate geriatric care needs.  MGCS, LLC serves your loved one’s care needs when you live at a distance. We help with family dynamics, fostering communications and decision-making. MGCS, LLC is a wise investment in your loved one’s health and happiness as well as your own.  You need additional time to manage your own life and health. You deserve less stress and anxiety plus, peace of mind.

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Count On MGCS, LLC

You want a trusted partner – Midwest Geriatric Consultants, LLC is that partner.
You want a qualified and experienced care manager at your side. You need guidance and resources to help you and your loved one. You’d like an expert to advocate for your loved one and help to navigate the healthcare system.

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Do you need help making important decisions? Contact us today and let me put you back on track.


Resources and Tips

How do you know if a Certified Care Manager is what you need?  How can they help and what can they do?

Do I Need a Care Manager?

Do you live in a different city than your elderly loved ones?  Are you worried about making sure they get the help they need to stay healthy and safe? You might want to consider getting help from a Care Manager.  You know your loved one needs more help than you can give.  It's time to explore what Care Management can do for you.  Together with the help of a Care Manager you can maneuver the health care system to ensure your loved one is properly taken care of.

Seniors Socializing
Informative Interview

What Does a Care Manager Do?

A Care Manager is a professional facilitator who can give advice and provide information about the variety of options available in their area for elder care and services. Care Managers are not only experts in the services available; they also know the quality and costs of different providers.  When a change of living situation is needed, Care Managers can help families think through the options and arrange for the right move.

How Can a Care Manager Help?

The first step a Care manager takes is to conduct an assessment to identify the elder's needs, problems, and their eligibility for assistance.  Then, they will suggest a plan to meet those needs.  The knowledge and experience Care Managers have about the field of elder care and give peace of mind to you and your loved ones.  Care Management can help you and your loved ones have less stress and more confidence that you are getting the best options in elder care.

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What Can I Expect From A Care Manager?

Care Managers are professinals who understand that aging is a difficult and challenging time for you or your loved one.  A Care Manager knows that building trust is a part of the job.  Before elders and their families' contract for a formal assessment, the Care Manager will talk with the elder and/or their family about how care management works.  They will answer any questions and will set up a time to do a formal assessment of needs if you or your loved one is ready.

Don’t miss out on speaking to MGCS, LLC today for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are the right fit.


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Guidance Clarity Call

A free 30 minute clarity call to determine if MGCS,LLC is a right fit.

Take advantage of this free 30 minute clarity call to see if Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC can help with relationship struggles, career considerations, health concerns, or time issues while caring for an aging loved one.

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Take advantage of this free 30 minute clarity call to see if Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC can help with relationship struggles, career considerations, health concerns, or time issues while caring for an aging loved one.


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Academic and Professional Background

Years of Experience


Graduate of Judson University, B.A. in Human Services

May 2004

Graduating with summa cum laude honors reflects my desire to always achieve my best.

Certified Social Worker

August 2004 - Present

Certified in the state of Wisconsin with extensive knowledge of practice and law in most states.

Inpatient Hospital Discharge Planner

November 2004 - May 2021

Specializing in successful discharge planning on the Medical Speciality, Orthopedics, and NeuroScience floors for over 15 years.   I am a master of difficult discharges and highly sought by Physicians and Clinicians.  Whether your loved one needs placement across the county or across the street, I am a champion of securing placement. I know how to get patients placed in an environment which best meets their needs.

Certified Care Manager

November 2021 - Present

Certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.  Expert in care planning for the aged with their wants and desires in mind.

Certified Advanced Steps ACP Facilitator

October 2021 - Present

Certified in Respecting Choices requirements and qualified Respecting Choices Advanced Steps and Advanced Care Planning Facilitator.

Interested in learning more about my qualifications? Contact me today.


Straight from the Source

As a professional Consultant, I know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. See what my peers have to say about the work I’ve done, and contact MGCS, LLC today to see what we can do for you.


I have 18+ years working with the geriatric population.  This experience comes from 16 years of discharge planning and collaboration with patients, families, and Physicians in a Level II inpatient hospital setting along with over 2 years of nursing home work.  My heart is full of compassion and admiration for those who have lived ahead of me.  I am a highly sought advocate by Physicians and Clinicians for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Let's talk to see if my services are right for you.

Jodi Kay Benusa, B.A., CSW, CCM, CASF


Thank you for going above and beyond in caring for our mutual patient and the numerous changes in plans for disposition today.  Your added work and effort provided additional treatment options for this patient.  Thank you again for the added time and effort that you put into this patient!

Quinn Seston, PA-C

Smiling Nurse

Thank you for your excellent coordination of care, follow-up, and continued support with a difficult and complex patient situation.  Your fast acting, continuous, and open communication along with support, helped the patient to get the care she  needed!  Your dedication to excellent patient care does not go unnoticed; thank you!

Nicole, RN


Jodi is simply exceptional; however, this past week she went above and beyond what would be expected of any employee to help a patient with a complex problem receive the most appropriate care.  She treated the patient as a family member and made a considerable difference in their care.  She left no rock unturned and did it all with a bright and enthusiastic smile/personality we have come to love.  She consistently does an outstanding job but this was simply exceptional care, the kind I equate with this institution's difference.

Thomas Roukis, MD

Interested in becoming a satisfied client? Get in touch with me today and see how my services can benefit you or your loved one.


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Services Limited To:

  • MGCS, LLC cannot provide 24 hour service.  We work during business hours only, but can help create safety plans for after-hours rescources.

  • MGCS, LLC cannot preform health aid care.  We do not provide direct, hands on personal care for transferring, hygiene, etc.  We can find solutions to personal care needs. 

  • MGCS, LLC cannot become a personal companion.  Our clinical basis means respecting professional boundaries.  Care Management is not intended to fulfill friendships or family roles.

  • MGCS, LLC cannot become a transportation service.  We can arrange transport for clients when it is conducive to the contractual care needs agreement and goals at an out-of-pocket cost in addition to the selected service.  MGCS is not intended to do routine, regular transportation.

  • MGCS, LLC cannot provide nursing or medical care.  We are not nurses.  We cannot administer medications or provide medical nursing recommendations.

  • MGCS, LLC cannot provide psychotherapy.  We do approach client interactions with clinically grounded perspectives.  But, our role is not to provide a course of treatment.  We are more intertwined with the client's life system and are directive and collaborative until services are completed.